Gaurav Hasija

Hello, I am Gaurav;
A serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of dau Agency & Managing Partner at joiie Impact. Speaker, Digital growth strategist, Expert Witness. Avid adventure traveller.

I work with multiple stakeholders across the business and pitches designs, understands their requirements and drives creative direction for all projects to ensure consistent brand presence within the marketplace. As a digital strategist, I focus on the brand objectives and accordingly designs strategies that incorporate functionality and aesthetics for optimum results.

I also provide consultancy to corporates and serves as an advisor to the start-ups for their online reputation, branding and design requirements. In parallel, I lead several business initiatives, including brand launch and new innovative product campaigns.

With a demonstrated working experience in online business marketing, I successfully operated business projects of high strategic relevance for diversified B2B and B2C customers. I manage the consistent growth and increased market share for my key clients through the design and implementation of an aggressive marketing plan based on thorough analysis and evaluation of the market. I personally oversee the teams of the digital strategist with a clear focus on maximizing online visibility with increased traffic and conversions.

My Philosophy

I am passionate about accelerating the brands that bring good to the world and believe in creating positive social Impact that goes deeper into the community.

In all my business transition, I convey the objectives of Social Impact to the clients and feel fortunate enough to have built a customer base where everyone supports my initiative of "01:01 pledge". This is the reason why, with every new business or consultancy work, our social impact initiative « joiie » will support a local business or a cause that holds potential but lacks resources. We don't want to only focus on growth and profits but also wants to serve a social purpose.

This is our 1:1 pledge

The Start

In 2017, I capitalised on my 07 years of digital marketing expertise by setting up a branding firm "dau Agency". Poised to turn it into an internationally recognised agency of excellence for the clients, we have already made a mark by establishing business relationship with global companies. Through our strategic foresight, drive, and determination, I am building a strong foundation for a successful branding and marketing company. I was recently named as the youngest speaker for SWAYAM program of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India.


I specialize in creating highly orchestrated, and unique tailor-made brand experiences that connect businesses with their consumers in the most compelling way ever.

Over the years I have worked with amazing brands like Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd, Genes Lecoanet Hemant , ITC , Tata Steel , Rizort , Jaquar Lighting, Rare India , GoMechanic , Assam Bengal Navigation & many more.


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